Face Perfection

Beautiful, natural nourishing facial oil. Our first facial product. Hand crafted in NZ.

Containing only Organic Extra Virgin cold pressed Sacha Inchi seed oil, Organic Extra Virgin cold pressed rosehip oil and pure Maroc rose essential oil. A unique and stunning oil blend for the face. Face Perfection leaves a radiant glow and healthy tone to the skin and works wonderfully with or without make-up.

Face Perfection is

  • Exceptionally soothing to dry or irritated skin
  • Wonderful for mature skin and fine lines
  • Balancing to blemished / acne prone skin
  • Regulating for facial oil production
  • Great for moisture retention
  • Strengthening and toning
  • Supportive of the natural skin barrier
  • A high antioxidant blend
  • Healing to redness or hyperpigmentation
  • Supporting to the regeneration and repair of skin tissue